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Jun 30, 2021

Vinyl Tiles Flooring Singapore Vinyl flooring is one of the latest flooring options that is composed of man-made synthetic materials like wood, stones, fiberglass, PVC vinyl, and a plasticizer. As it is made up of multiple layers, so it is generally durable, and it will make you feel comfortable when you walk because of its thick core. Vinyl tiles is mainly used because of its great resistance to moisture. Often vinyl and laminate flooring are mixed up by owners, but the truth is they are quite different from each other.

Nowadays, Vinyl flooring is widely used as compared to the past because it’s not only resistant to water, but it is entirely waterproof. Its thickness is usually up to 5mm and can be kept as much as you can. Vinyl flooring is highly demanded due to its identical appearance with tile or wood floor, and this is suitable for vinyl tiles bathroom, dining room, and bedroom floor.

If you want to get the best quality planks, tiles, and sheets in affordable price vinyl flooring, Singapore is the most reliable solution. It is made up of versatile material PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) also used to manufacture cables, clothing, and handbags. The durability of vinyl overlay flooring helps to protect from great impact or damage.

Proving Best Quality Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Tiles, Planks and Sheets for Commercial and Residential Use In Singapore

For Commercial and Residential use, instead of using normal flooring, it is a better choice to select vinyl overlay flooring is a better option. The best durable and emerging brand in the flooring market. Vinyl flooring is made up of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and because of its extreme versatility, it is used in the manufacturing of many things like electric cable, shopping bags, clothing, and furniture. Because of its hard wearing and durability, PVC is used.


 LVT gives more hand scrapped looked then Laminate flooring while Laminate provides more three-dimensional embossing on the exterior.

Water and Heat Resistance

Vinyl flooring is much more competent in case of water and heat resistance then laminate flooring as it is made up of PVC. It also stops seaming. 

Care and Cleaning

In the case of cleaning, both types are very easy to clean. For laminate flooring broom and dry mop is preferable but for vinyl flooring, any type of cleaning can be done such as broom, wet mop or gentle scrub with cleaning products.

Durability and Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is the most resilient flooring with high durability and low maintenance and can also be used for commercial purposes. 


There is almost a tie between laminate and LVT flooring in terms of cost. Both are reasonable as compared to hardwood work and other ceramic or porcelain work.


If you take great care of laminate flooring, the lifespan of both may be expected to be same for up-to 20 years.