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Jun 30, 2021

Vinyl Flooring Available in Tile, Sheet, and Plank Forms

Vinyl Singapore

Vinyl flooring is available in many types such as sheets, tiles, and planks depending on your choice. As compared to tiles, sheet vinyl are easiest and cheapest to manufacture because of its low price but worth of vinyl tiles got increasing, especially luxury grade, because of its advancement in design and quality. Due to the manufacturing technique, the vinyl sheet is by nature, less durable, and less stable than vinyl tiles Singapore and planks. The manufacturing technique of sheets doesn’t give much concern for precise crafting and quality.


Vinyl Sheet

In contrast to sheets, the manufacturing process of tiles and planks makes well bonded and stiff layers. This indicates the better durability and stability of tiles and planks than sheets. Regarding the applications of both types, vinyl tiles and planks perform better than sheets. The durability and sustainability ease of repair makes it good enough for commercial and residential uses.

Vinyl Plank

While vinyl sheets may be good enough for most of the applications, but when it comes to repair, they will not perform really well. In a heavy foot traffic area, these sheets may not perform normal, and thus they are supposed to be repaired. These things sh