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Residential Vinyl Flooring

Over a long period of time, vinyl flooring has improved a lot in its design and quality. Now it is no more a second flooring choice that you know. Among the homeowners, landlords, and other property developers all over the world, the best choice for them will be residential vinyl flooring. It is absolutely perfect for each room in the house. The good quality flooring is also a very easy and quick, stylish, and attractive flooring choice for residents.

They come in a wide variety, which includes texture and pattern, which gives your house an entirely different and attractive look to your house. Also, it is highly water-resistant and slips resistant. Also, it can be printed in different tones, and its texture on wood and stone will make it look very versatile to match easily with the desired style of your house. Vinyl is a popular BTO flooring material for many commercial applications for many of the same reasons it is so popular for residential applications. The demand is high in Singapore’s various industry as

Why XINGFLOORS Residential Vinyl Flooring

Ease Of Maintenance And Cleaning

In many commercial environments such as restaurants, cafes, bars and even schools, hygiene is of paramount importance. With vinyl flooring, cleaning up of spills and mess is a breeze. As our hdb vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, it can withstand high water exposure due to frequent cleaning.

Beautiful Designs

Gone were the days of ugly and plastic looking vinyl flooring. The latest cutting-edge print technology creates ultra-realistic replica of wood onto vinyl planks. These wood look vinyl floor planks make having a “wood” floor possible in places where real wood floor is not practical due to risk of water damage and scuffs from high foot traffic. Check out our beautiful range of wood designs hdb vinyl flooring by clicking below.

Best Solution For Your Home

Vinyl flooring is the best choice for your house because it is suitable for rooms that have a lot of foot traffic. As wells as for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Each room should have its own unique design.

According to the reviews of customers, it is also the best choice for the basement because it can absorb a lot of moisture and doesn’t get cold as simple tiles.

These days, this type of home flooring will be best for your place because it is durable and effectively available in different materials such as wood, ceramic, and marble.

Superb Underfoot Comfort

The beautiful variety of residential vinyl flooring is smooth and super comfortable to walk because the last thing you want when you wake up is to walk on the hard and cold floor. Cold floor is also not preferred because of elders and children who are at a high risk of getting sick when they walk on the cold floor.

Also, if the weather is hot, but because of air conditioning and also during rainy weather, the floor might get cold, which is undesirable. So, instead of using other simple tiles, switch to HDB vinyl flooring, which can protect you from getting cold and also gives you a nice feel.

Ideal Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

For residential areas, the durability and long-lasting of your floor depend upon the quality. So, it is important to make sure that what kind of product will suit your place and what is the origin of these products, and its different properties.Another important factor to be considered while making a purchase is to check air quality emission. Experienced manufacturers of vinyl flooring also have their air quality inspection certified, so that you know all the information before purchasing flooring for your home.

Finding the Right Kind of Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

Vinyl flooring is used in both commercial and residential areas due its urban look and ultra-protective, long-lasting features.

Vinyl Flooring For Bedroom

Unless other rooms, the bedroom is everyone’s favorite personal space of everyday living. Every piece of decoration will unknowingly affect your mood and emotion. So, to choose BTO flooring is also a very crucial choice as your major time is going to be spent here.

Like other rooms, the energy of the bedroom comes from the flooring. The style it conveys, the calmness and coziness, the sense of freshness, and the way you feel when walking on it.

The flooring of bedrooms should be your personal choice as it reflects your personality. However, for a beautiful and elegant backdrop, wood visuals will provide it. The reason for changing your floor will be because the last thing you want is to step on the cold floor in winter. It will spoil your whole mood. Also, there should be some sound insulation in your room for privacy, and also the vinyl flooring comes with the different types of designs that will be pleasant to your eyes.

Vinyl Flooring For Living Room

No doubt, modern vinyl flooring is today’s interior designer’s choice as they include elegant designs and are budget-friendly. When it comes to your living room décor, it’s the place where the whole family gathers up, your guest’s first welcome area.
It should be eye catchy, the colors, designs the BTO flooring. Unlimited designs of vinyl flooring give a more classy and sophisticated look and enhance your room’s interior design.

Moreover, it gives more durability and strength as the living room is considered to be the busiest area for you, your guests, and your children, so it must withstand the heavy load of feet, scratches, and scrapes.
It has a deep embossed layer that provides slip resistance and lowers the chance of falling and guard your children and loved ones.

Vinyl Flooring For Kitchen

Another important common area in our daily life is the kitchen. Water can be easily spilled over it that’s the reason why the choice of flooring matters for the kitchen.

The choice of vinyl flooring for your kitchen will be beneficial because the hygiene levels are best ensured by vinyl floorings manufacturers. It is easy to clean and maintain. The stains of oil and grease can easily be removed on vinyl flooring.

Also, vinyl flooring is waterproof, which keeps the water to not seep into your ground and to keep your kitchen clean and dry all the time.

Also, to stop it from spreading of fire, the material of vinyl flooring is preferred because it lessens the flammability of the area and slows down the process of combustion. However, vinyl flooring is not recommended to be used in commercial kitchens.

Specifications of Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

Residential vinyl flooring designed with maximum protection like this is called anti-microbial flooring this is the most important feature which is required, especially in food industries. Scratch-resistant material can help to maintain the quality for a long time, and stain repellent material keeps it neat and clean. There must be a floor covering available with vinyl plastic layer on the other side, non-PVC specialty performance is also helpful for better quality.

Excellent Durability In Residential Areas

If you are using vinyl flooring, then you don’t have to worry about the scratching, scraping, and denting of your floor. It can last for decades with minimum care and maintenance.

Otherwise, the simple floor can be tampered by minimal negligence, and it would cost you much more than vinyl flooring for repairing.

No doubt, once vinyl added with liquied emulsion, it will be the most protected solution. It will work against toxic acids, chemicals, and dangerus detergents. Residential vinyl flooring can help to make it good working floor also provide enough friction level to avoid slipping and accidents. The non-porus surface is totally waterproof to avoid any unhealthy feeling it maintains the hygiene properties to avoid any diseases.

Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring

In areas of high foot traffic, vinyl flooring stands up to well. It is also durable than simple flooring and comfortable while you walk on it. Also, it reduces noises, which is important for homeowners having pets or kids. Vinyl flooring is budget effective than other flooring options and very quick and easy to install. Also, it comes in a comprehensive range of designs and patterns which will make your house more attractive.

  • Provide maximum resistance to moisture
  • Variety of decoration and design options available
  • It can be used on tiles, cement, and subfloors
  • Best option for ordinary people, budget effective
  • Easy to clean
  • Less maintenance required