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7 Reasons to Choose Composite Decking for Your Home

Feb 05, 2024

Many homeowners are opting for composite decking as a popular alternative to traditional wood decking, contributing to its increasing popularity. There are several reasons why composite decking is preferred over wood. Its versatility and environmental sustainability are just two of its many admirable qualities. 

In this blog, we explore the key reasons why many consider composite decking to be the superior material for outdoor decking!


Is it worthwhile to invest in composite decking?

Many individuals wonder, "Is investing in composite decking truly worth it?" Yes, investing in composite decking is indeed worthwhile. The durability and longevity of composite decking make it a valuable choice for deck construction, among its numerous other advantages.

However, it's important to note that if you plan to leave your current home in the near future, the investment in composite decking may not be that worthwhile. This material tends to increase in value over time, so it might be better to wait until you've found a more permanent residence before making such an investment.

Why Composite Decking is the Best Material?

  • Composite Decking is Cost-Effective

Composite decking is gaining popularity as an affordable flooring option, and this is one of the factors contributing to its increasing appeal. The cost of a composite board is justified by its numerous advantages, making it a worthwhile investment. Notably, composite boards requires less maintenance.

When compared to wood, composite boards are a more cost-effective option because they require significantly less maintenance. Wood decks, in contrast, need three times as much maintenance. Informed homeowners are increasingly opting for composite boards due to their durability and economic benefits, making them a clear choice for a hassle-free and affordable decking solution.

  • Composite Decking Add Value to Your Space

Composite decking can contribute to increasing a home's value, a significant factor in its growing popularity. Homeowners seeking to upgrade the outdoor spaces of their houses are increasingly turning to wood-plastic decking.

Furthermore, homeowners looking for a good return on investment can use composite boards to construct a deck. The impressive transformation of your property with composite decking can make prospective buyers more willing to pay a premium for your home. This appeal adds to the overall value of your property.

  • Composite Decking Provides Durability

The increasing popularity of composite decking can be attributed to its exceptional durability, surpassing that of timber and plastic decks. Durability is a key consideration for homeowners when choosing a flooring material, making composite decking highly sought after.

The durability of composite boards has made them increasingly popular for constructing decks in gardens. Unlike some materials, several people on a composite deck won't cause damage to it. Composed of a sturdy substance, it is resistant to the wear and tear of frequent foot usage, ensuring it remains intact and does not deteriorate over time.

  • Make Your Space Aesthetically Pleasing

Incorporating composite decking into your outdoor space enhances the overall beauty of your house. The choice between lighter and darker colours for the boards allows homeowners to create a visually appealing look. Some even install solar decking lights and use different coloured boards to create a stunning focal point in their outdoor space.

One notable advantage of composite boards is their resistance to fading. The outer layer of the boards protects against UV rays, preventing the fading of their hue. As a result, a composite decking installation not only looks fantastic but also durable maintaining its aesthetic appeal for an extended period.

  • Composite Decking Has a Longer Lifespan

Composite decking typically includes an extended warranty, guaranteeing a durable solution for your outdoor space. With a lifespan of up to 25 or 30 years, depending on the manufacturer, it surpasses less durable materials like wood. Wood-plastic composite decking stands out as the preferred choice for creating long-lasting and robust decks.

  • It is Easy to Maintain

Composite decking's reputation for requiring less maintenance makes it a popular choice among people. The long-lasting colour of the decking eliminates the need for painting, and sanding or staining is unnecessary. Furthermore, sealers are not required to extend the life of composite decking. Routine deck cleaning is all that's needed to maintain the excellent appearance of your composite board.

  • Composite Decking Resistant to the Elements

Moreover, composite decking is weatherproof. It can withstand moisture and water. Additionally, resistance to decay is wood-plastic boards. It is also resistant to termites in addition to that. Termites are unable to harm a deck made of wood and plastic.


Now, you understand why composite decking is the preferred choice for your home. The best decking material is composite for several primary reasons. Select composite decking if you're searching for an outdoor decking solution that is both aesthetically beautiful and long-lasting. Xing Floors offers the highest quality composite decking, enhancing your area with a perfect blend of design and quality. If you want to know more about composite decking, connect with our Xing Floors team!