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Vinyl Flooring - The Best Choice for Commercial Premises

Nov 10, 2021

The quality of your products and services comes much later in your business; the first thing is your impression, and it is about how well you can present your business to be. The first thing that comes into play for your business's impression is how good your commercial premise looks.

Many people are aware that flooring plays a crucial role in making that first impression, and it makes them choose the traditional type of floorings such as marble flooring or wooden flooring.

But they often overlook the consequences of their choice and end up harming their business more than they benefit it.

In this blog, we will discuss those consequences and elaborate on them so that you can avoid making those mistakes and do not end up jeopardizing the growth of your business.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring- The Best Choice:


Any seasoned businessman would know that profit is not in how much you sell but in how much you save. It does not mean holding on to your investment and deteriorating your product or service quality, and it means managing your finance wisely.

It applies to the flooring as well. You need a flooring solution that is not only best-suited for your commercial premise but is also pocket-friendly.

Commercial vinyl tiles are much cheaper than their traditional counterparts, and there are multiple reasons you should consider preferring them over marble or wood floors.


Your business does not only lose profits when you are not operational; it also loses customers. Flooring is a thing that takes a lot of time and precision. Be it wooden or marble, you will have to wait for a long time before your floor is ready and settled, and you can allow your customers to walk in.

It is not the best situation for a commercial premise. Instead, you should go for a solution with the least possible downtime and enables your business to be operational as early as possible.

Commercial vinyl flooring has innovative installation methods which allow you to cut this downtime for as little as half so that you are soon in a position where you are getting new customers, retaining old ones, and making a profit from both.


This is a consequence many regret not considering. The floor takes the most time to clean as it expands over all the area that comes under your premises, and it is why you often see cleaners always clean when you walk into commercial premises.

Such practice hikes up your operational cost, give more work to your staff and adds extra load. It is not the ideal situation for a business, and you need to avoid it.

If you get commercial vinyl tiles, you will be able to boost up the productivity of your business. Firstly, it is super easy to clean as it is manufactured to serve its purpose.

It has a polished surface, so nothing stays on it. You can use a damp mop for cleaning, and your floor will be as clean as new. It does not require any special cleaning skills, cleaners, or equipment, saving you maintenance costs.

Moreover, it will decrease your cleaning staff and take the burden off of your managerial staff, hence boosting the productivity of your business.


Another factor that you cannot ignore while choosing the flooring type for your commercial premise is resistance.

Resistance refers to the fact that how long your flooring can last before you require to change it.

Commercial vinyl flooring has a high resistance against any environmental problems. The resistance is significantly high compared to marble and wood as marble wears off reacting with the cleaning chemicals, and wood does not resist against water seepage.

Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, does not require any cleaning chemicals and is also water-resistant. It also has a protective layer on top that does not let any residue coming with shoes contact the surface so that no stain says and can easily be wiped off.

It provides the same resistance with its looks as marble and wood get dull quickly and will start to show scratches or rough patches, and vinyl tiles do not have any such problems.


This might be the best feature of getting commercial vinyl tiles as you get a never-ending range of options with it. You can choose among many finishes and can virtually choose any look for your floor.

You can even go for marble and wood finish whole, getting all the benefits of vinyl. Moreover, you can customize patterns, colors, and feels. If you are getting it from a good company, their work will be so top-notch that you will not be able to guess if they are using vinyl or actual stone or wood material for your flooring.

It will also enable you to create different themes and feels at different places so that your commercial premise does not become monotonous and every vinyl title tells its own story.


Safety is a factor that you cannot compromise on while running a business, as you are always one mishap away from losing your business. If the customers are not safe on your premises, they are never going to come there again.

Besides other guidelines, you also need to be cautious of the type of floor you choose for your building. For example, wet marble can make anyone fall. And yet, it is the most used type of floor in kitchens and restaurants.

If somebody falls from your staff, your daily tasks will get affected, and if one of your customers falls, it will leave an awful impression. You can always wipe the floor clean, but one cannot be careful enough. Especially in rainy weather, people will walk in with wet shoes, and you cannot help that.

The list of floor safety incidents expands from restaurants to hospitals, daycare centers, gyms, etc. Make sure you consider getting commercial vinyl flooring| with a textured surface if you have a premise prone to such accidents.