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Frequently Asked Questions


Both FloorLux LVT and DuraClic RVP collections can be easily applied by yourself. Refer to Application and Maintenance Instruction

Avoid prolonged exposure of flooring to direct sunlight. Minimize the impact of sunlight directly on the floor by using a curtain or sun visor during times of strong sunlight. Most types of floorings tend to discolor when exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, high temperatures affect the quality of vinyl clicks.

Both FloorLux LVT and DuraClic RVP collections are fire-resistant. The B1 class is the best possible class for floor coverings

Co-extrusion WPC Decking is a new generation of  decking made of composite materials as core and coated with super-performance engineering polymer materials. It provides and authentic an delightful experience, along with optimal performance that gives you a peace of mind.

WPC Decking is widely used in public platform, terrace, walkway, swimming pool, balcony, wall panel, fencing, etc. General speaking, the materials can be used as an alternative material of wood esp. for outdoor area.

There are no toxic chemicals or preservatives involved in the manufacturing of WPC Decking

Compared to wood, WPC Decking will not get as slippery. It has approximately the same coefficient of friction as smooth asphalt.