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Commercial vinyl flooring: LVT and Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Jul 05, 2021

There are many kinds of vinyl. These are categorized on the basis of their cost, maintenance, and design flexibility.


Vinyl sheet flooring

As compared to tiles, sheet vinyl is the easiest and cheapest to manufacture because of its low price but worth it.

Commercial vinyl tiles got increasing especially luxury grade, because of their advancement in design and quality.

Due to the manufacturing technique, the vinyl sheet is by nature, less durable, and less stable than commercial vinyl tiles and planks. The manufacturing technique of sheets doesn’t give much concern for precise crafting and quality.

VCT Flooring


Luxury vinyl tile

 Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

LVT is made mostly from PVC, to provide excellent dimensional stability for the floor, with adhered digital graphic film offers you almost any stylish look you want in your flooring. LVT offers you a variety of realistic designs with minimal maintenance requirements and high durability. Expensive than the other two but worth buying as reduces the maintenance cost. It is the best option among the 2.

Vinyl flooring is beneficial not only for the commercial buildings also for the residence it can provide maximum durability with heavy foot traffic. Most important thing its installation is easy and maintainable with many flooring features and options.

Features of Commercial Vinyl Flooring

  • It offers multilayer protection to your floor.
  • Commercial vinyl flooring can easily be installed in your office areas and also include a guide manual for your guidance.
  • Also, there is a sound reduction mechanism in these floorings.
  • As told earlier, it is water-resistant.
  • The hygiene level is maintained because it is easy to clean and wash.
  • Vinyl floorings have a natural resistance to fire.

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