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Waterproof Vinyl Flooring | Water Resistant Vinyl Flooring Supplier

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

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Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof vinyl flooring is very popular in Singapore because of its wet and humid climate. This type of flooring is suitable for environments where there is high moisture that requires flooring, which is 100% waterproof and is very resistant to damage. It is extremely popular for residential purposes, especially in kitchen and bathroom applications. It is somehow related to linoleum, which is also stain proof and waterproof. It also provides a durability feature for the cost that you will pay.
Vinyl flooring is a very high-end resilient flooring. Because of the reason for advancements in this industry, it has become an excellent and attractive choice of flooring.

Types of waterproof vinyl flooring

Because of the involvement of click, resilient flooring was considered as a powerful substitute for the normal flooring due to its waterproof feature. But with the time passing, home owners do have a far better choice of click resilient flooring, which is now available in different designs, patterns, and sizes. At those times, resilient flooring doesn’t have any particular flooring name, so they were also called waterproof laminating floors.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring for a Better Lifestyle

Also, waterproof vinyl flooring has been introduced because of the advancement in technology. This waterproof laminate vinyl flooring is basically a high quality resilient, which is much better as compared to other flooring types.

Fast and easy installation

The click and lock vinyl floorings are made so fabulous because of the reason for no need for adhesives. With the help of the interlocking technique, it is made. This vinyl tile can grip to the floor because of the inertial force of the other planks. Not like other flooring options, this click and lock flooring can be installed directly above your existing subfloor without any preparation. It can be fitted as a layer on wooden, concrete flooring, and existing vinyl flooring without spoiling its look. The installation time can be reduced to 50% than the traditional counterpart, which uses the adhesives.

Waterproof click and lock vinyl flooring

Click and lock vinyl flooring is purely resistant to water. It is designed according to some important factors like durability and waterproof, which makes the vinyl flooring the best among the different types of floors. The composition of waterproof vinyl flooring can be classified as WPC or SPC. WPC basically stand s for wood-plastic composition because it is made from a mixture of wood and plastic. On the other hand, SPC is made up of stone, whose main components are stone and plastic. WPC has been used for quite a few years, but SPC is now new in the flooring market. Both of them are 100% waterproof. The reason for its waterproof behavior is its four different layers, which include a waterproof base.

Advantages of using waterproof vinyl flooring

When it comes to the competition of vinyl flooring over ordinary flooring, there are many advantages of vinyl flooring except the waterproof feature, which has been described many times. Some other features are discussed below:

Great functionalities:

The great features of vinyl flooring make it usually more functional than ordinary vinyl flooring. These features may include waterproof, long-lasting, durability, slip-resistant, and also helps to handle heavy foot traffic and busy and rushed places, shopping malls, and retail stores.

Another important feature which we can’t ignore is affordable sound absorption in this flooring type

Easy to clean and maintenance:

Cleanliness and Hygiene is a very crucial factor in residential places as well as commercial places like restaurants, cafes, bars, and schools.

There will be much ease while using vinyl flooring for cleaning up as compared to wood flooring. Vinyl flooring is waterproof 100% the surface with vinyl flooring.


For the owners of different high-end companies, it will not be easy to change their flooring type within a short interval of time. Keep one thing in mind Vinyle flooring is cost-effective and durable, and it does not require deep maintenance for a long period of time.

So vinyl flooring can help to manage the cost of cleaning and maintenance

Environmental Friendly:

For the commercial environment, it is important to make the environment safe and secure. Businesses are trying to survive more confidently according to the ISO standard;

ISO standards focused on the green effect to eliminate dangerous harmful effects from the environment. Vinyl flooring is manufactured by safe materials that are environment friendly and secure for health. Vinyl flooring is no doubt the best alternative of the wood flooring.

Wide Variety of Design:

In 2020 the upcoming technologies develop an advanced alternative of wood into vinyl tiles. Now the time of plastic flooring is passed out.

People are always searching for the latest designs that will help to grow your business with the best outlook.

If you want to change the wood flooring into vinyl flooring, stop overthink and be confident, especially when you have high foot traffic and dangerous pressure of water.