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Kitchen Renovation Package

Get Your Dream Kitchen with Xing Floors

The kitchen is a vital part of HDB interior design, not just for cooking but also as a place where families spend time together. Whether you want to make a small change or completely renovate your Singapore kitchen, adding some style is important.

You may achieve your dream kitchen with the help of professional kitchen renovation packages, expertise, and assistance. Dealing with a HDB renovation kitchen may appear challenging. At Xing Floors, we understand that your kitchen is the centre of your house. That's why we go beyond just remodelling; we create customized masterpieces that align with your lifestyle, ensuring a seamless renovation for kitchen.

Xing Floors Kitchen Renovation Package Includes:

  • Professional Services: Our team provides reliable advice and assistance during the renovation process to ensure that your project is handled skillfully and professionally.
  • Hacking & Dismantling Works: We efficiently eliminate outdated fixtures and structures to ascertain a clear and orderly workspace for the makeover.
  • Masonry Services: Get accurate and competent masonry services to improve your kitchen's structural integrity and beauty, assuring long-lasting quality and durability.
  • Plumbing Works: Our team installs the plumbing fittings precisely, assuring your remodelled kitchen will function and perform at its best.
  • Carpentry Works: Utilize specially designed carpentry solutions that are suited to your requirements, such as the construction of countertops, cabinets, and shelves that flawlessly match the style of your kitchen.
  • Miscellaneous Works: Access extra services as needed to handle any particular requirements or obstacles to ensure a thorough and fruitful renovation for kitchen experience.

Why choose Xing Floors to Renovate Your Kitchen?

Enhancing your home through renovation provides a key benefit by adding beauty and elegance. Furthermore, should you decide to sell your house, the interior design plays a crucial role in significantly boosting its value.

Not renovating the kitchen while upgrading the rest of your house could leave a negative impression. Additionally, a kitchen makeover provides an opportunity to design a highly efficient space and incorporate additional storage into the layout. This not only enhances your enjoyment of time spent in the kitchen but also allows you to complete tasks more efficiently and successfully.

4 Factors that Affect the Cost of Kitchen Renovation in Singapore

Size of the Kitchen

The cost of kitchen renovation in Singapore is closely correlated with its size. Larger kitchens automatically require more materials, which raises the cost of all connected renovation tasks.

Type of Property

Renovations for an HDB apartment or BTO will be less expensive because of its smaller size. On the other hand, renovating a condominium or landed property can be more expensive, as you have the flexibility to remodel it according to your preferences, including the possibility of altering its entire structure and layout.

Kitchen Layout

If you want to change the kitchen layout in a landed home or condo, it will cost more than a typical renovation that doesn't involve changing the layout.

Type and Quality of Material

The type and calibre of materials you use for renovation is another essential factor. Renovating your home would cost a lot more if you went with marble, granite, and wood rather than ceramic and laminate.

4 Crucial Things to Consider While Renovating Your Kitchen

  • HDB Rules: You have to be sure to abide by the Housing and Development Board regulations before renovating your HDB kitchen in Singapore. Obtain demolition permission, maintain the existing layout, and select contractors from the Singapore Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC).
  • Scope of Renovation: You have to ensure that the extent of your kitchen makeover does not contravene any regulations set forth by the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Housing and Development Board of Singapore.
  • Renovation Timings: Singapore HDB guidelines specify precise timings for renovations in order to minimise disturbances to nearby residents. Following these times is crucial to ensuring compliance and polite conduct.
  • Waste Disposal: Proper disposal of all waste materials generated during and after the renovation project is finished is vital. Make sure the restoration contractors properly dispose of waste materials rather than just tossing them in the ordinary trash.

Renovate Your Kitchen Just the Way You Want!

Renovate your kitchen into the heart of your home with the Xing Floors’ kitchen renovation package. Don't miss this chance to design the kitchen that fits your needs. Connect with our team to arrange a consultation and discuss the toilet and kitchen renovation package we offer!