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Commercial Vinyl

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Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Commercial flooring has gained immense popularity in different parts of the world. There is a great demand for vinyl flooring in the industrial and commercial areas due to its features such as durability, affordable, easy to clean, and maintenance. Most important feature of the commercial vinyl flooring is good to slip resistance.The quality of commercial vinyl flooring will depend on how much cost you will spend. You will get what you pay for.

It is a durable material made up of natural and synthetic polymer materials. You can find it in different places from hotel lobbies to hospital rooms.It is rapidly more adopted because of its versatile design and variety. To choose the perfect type of flooring for your application, you should consider some factors such as lifetime maintenance cost, design performance, and the time period for which you are going to use that flooring.

Vinyl is a popular flooring material for many commercial applications for many of the same reasons it is so popular for residential applications. The demand is high in Singapore’s various industry as

Why XingFloors Commercial Vinyl Flooring?

Ease Of Maintenance And Cleaning

In many commercial environments such as restaurants, cafes, bars and even schools, hygiene is of paramount importance. With vinyl flooring, cleaning up of spills and mess is a breeze. As our vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, it can withstand high water exposure due to frequent cleaning.

Beautiful Designs

Gone were the days of ugly and plastic looking vinyl flooring. The latest cutting-edge print technology creates ultra-realistic replica of wood onto vinyl planks. These wood look vinyl floor planks make having a “wood” floor possible in places where real wood floor is not practical due to risk of water damage and scuffs from high foot traffic. Check out our beautiful range of wood designs vinyl flooring by clicking below.

Advantages Of Installing Commercial Vinyl Flooring For Your Businesses

When it comes to the competition of commercial vinyl flooring over ordinary flooring, there are many advantages of commercial vinyl flooring which are discussed below:

Great functionalities

The great features of commercial vinyl flooring make it usually more functional than ordinary vinyl flooring.These features may include waterproof, long-lasting, durability, slip-resistant, and enables to bear the challenge of heavy foot traffic. Also, to deal with the busy environment in shops, malls, and retail shops. Besides this, you can also have the facility of affordable sound absorption flooring with our new product of soundproof vinyl flooring.

Ease of clean and maintenance

Hygiene is a very important factor in commercial places like restaurants, cafes, bar, and schools. There will be much ease for cleaning up the surface with vinyl flooring. Because it is 100% waterproof, there are high chances that it can withstand water.

Cost efficient

For the businessman, it will not be a very efficient method to change their flooring after a short period of time. So, vinyl flooring is long time durable and also very cost efficient because it doesn’t require maintenance for a long period of time. Also, with vinyl flooring, the owners can also save the cost of maintenance and cleaning.

Environmental Friendly

For commercial environment, it is an important point to not harm the environment. Businesses are trying to achieve ISO standards; they are also stressing on the best green practice to reduce any harmful effect on the environment. Our product, Vinyl flooring, is prepared by using materials that are safe and environment friendly, which will be turn out as an excellent alternative for the wood floor.

Wide Variety of Design

Nowadays, the latest technologies that create an ultra-realistic alternative of wood into vinyl tiles. The days of having old and plastic-looking floors are no more. People are looking forward to many new designs that will make their business attractive and help him grow in his business. The alternative of these good looking vinyl flooring is having a really good possibility of changing wood floors into vinyl floors where there is damage to water and high foot traffic.

Vinyl Flooring Application in different businesses

Hospitals/ Clinics

Clinics and hospitals are the busiest and high traffic location where a lot of patients come and go and heavy medical equipment are taken from one location to another. So, it’s important to make your flooring highly durable and sustainable to avoid any type of damage. You can opt to vinyl flooring rather than laminate flooring because it prevents any wear and tear or scratches on the floor. Moreover, the air quality remains unaffected as it does not emit volatile organic compounds.


Now it’s time to replace your old carpeted office floor with some new trendy vinyl designs.  Not only it makes your office more stylish and modern but also reduces the time of cleaning by just dry mopping. Unlike carpeted floor it requires a lot of time for cleaning and vacuum machines. With its acoustic and sound proofing feature you and your team can carry out any work without disturbing others.

The office flooring can strongly affect your morale, productivity and your mood. These floorings should be of your own choice because it will clearly reflect your personality. Excellent colors combine with long lasting and cost-effective choices. They are perfect for your offices, workplaces, government buildings and community centers.

Vinyl Flooring For Store

The vinyl flooring can reflect the thinking, tastes, and lifestyles of owners. For your stores, where the in and out of many people happen, and everyone is going to have an opinion on your stuff. At those places, like store you should have a fancy and elegant design flooring so that people would find it attractive. Also, because of heavy foot traffic, the vinyl flooring in floors should be very hard, long lasting and durable.

Vinyl Flooring For School

Educational places are busy and challenging because of the heavy foot traffic in those areas due to activities, functions of space, and intensity of feet. The key requirements of basic school flooring are slip resistance, waterproof, and ease of maintenance. The choice of vinyl flooring will be suitable for schools because it offers them all the things and features that they require and also it is very cost-efficient and easy to maintain.

Why choosing vinyl flooring for your Place

Vinyl can bear the effect of sunlight, water, and heavy foot traffic also some materials are pretreated for cleaning. Endless designs are produced at the same time by graphic layers providers. It is considered to be the most durable and long-lasting material in every commercial application. The only areas in which it isn’t launched are heavy-duty kitchens and industries to withstand the high moisture, great impacts of environmental commercial kitchens, Quarry tile has been proved best.

Also, the best-polished concrete or epoxy flooring might be the common industry flooring materials. Vinyl is the most elegant and aesthetic option for almost all types of flooring applications. They also offer the new premium quality finishes and durable surface at less cost than normal flooring.

Beautiful Commercial Vinyl Flooring Designs

Vinyl flooring have no shortage of elegant and beautiful designs. The designs of vinyl flooring are inspired by the natural beauty and for commercial purposes where you are supposed to do work indoors, these designs will really help you soothing and refreshing your mind.

These designs include nature like hardwood, stone and slate and also many fun shades of black, white, brown, beige, orange and some inexperienced colors, clue and grey.

Available Commercial vinyl tiles products

Due to a large variety of textures, designs, and colors commercial Vinyl flooring can also be used as your wall decoration and gives more attractive look to your location.

Commercial vinyl flooring: LVT vs. VCT vs. vinyl sheet flooring

The general categories are mentioned below. These are categorized on the basis of their cost, maintenance, and design flexibility.

Vinyl sheet flooring

As compared to tiles, sheet vinyl is the easiest and cheapest to manufacture because of its low price but worthy.

Commercial vinyl tiles got increasing especially luxury grade, because of its advancement in design and quality.

Due to the manufacturing technique, the vinyl sheet is by nature, less durable, and less stable than commercial vinyl tiles and planks. The manufacturing technique of sheets doesn’t give much concern for precise crafting and quality.

Vinyl composition tile (VCT)

These are designed in such a way that they needed repeated stripping, waxing and polishing, which sometimes tends to exceed that lifelong cost of the product. They might look cheap at foremost, but regular high maintenance might be heavy on your pocket.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

Limestone based material with adhered digital graphic film offers you almost any stylish look you want in your flooring. LVT offers you a variety of realistic designs with minimal maintenance requirements and high durability. Expensive than the other two but worth buying as reduces the maintenance cost. It is the best option among the 3.

Vinyl flooring is beneficial not only for the commercial buildings also for the residence it can provide maximum durability with heavy foot traffic. Most important thing its installation is easy and maintainable with many flooring features and options.

Features of Commercial Vinyl Flooring

  • It offers multilayer protection to your floor.
  • Commercial vinyl flooring can easily be installed in your office areas and also include a guide manual for your guidance.
  • Also, there is a sound reduction mechanism in these floorings.
  • As told earlier, it is water-resistant.
  • Hygiene level is maintained because it is easy to clean and wash.
  • Vinyl floorings have a natural resistance to fire.