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Types Of Marble Vinyl Flooring | Eco Friendly Vinyl

Vinyl Flooring Collection

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    Types of Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl flooring is a type of laminated flooring that is approximately similar to linoleum. It is mostly used in places like shopping malls, schools, homes and restaurants.

    For home use, its popularity is also increasing. These tiles are manufactured by heating and pressing of vinyl sheets and convert into solid tiles which comes in various thickness and shapes.

    These tiles are fixed with special glue and then properly buffed to get shiny bright look. Also, you can also choose eco friendly vinyl flooring sheet where the floor will be laid with larger sheets.

    These tiles are very popular among the homeowners as well as commercial owners, because these tiles can be designed to look like ceramic tiles and also wooden and marble vinyl flooring. These are very budget-friendly option. It is available in a diversity of textures and designs according to the user requirements.

    Types of Installing Places

    Vinyl floorings can be installed in both residential places and commercial places. It will give you the finest look to both your home and commercial places such as restaurants, offices, malls and schools.

    Residential Places

    Over a long period of time, vinyl flooring has improved a lot in its design and quality. Now it is no more a second flooring choice that you know.

    Among the home owners, landlords and other property developers all over the world, the best choice for them will be residential vinyl flooring.

    It is absolutely perfect for each room in the house. The vinyl flooring in your home will definitely look very good and it will clearly reflect your personality.

    The good quality flooring is also a very easy ,quick, stylish and attractive flooring choice for residents.

    Also, it is highly water and slip resistant also can be printed in different tones & texture on wood. Stone will make its look very versatile to match easily with your desired style of your house.

    Commercial Places

    Commercial flooring has gained immense popularity in different parts of world. There is a great demand of vinyl flooring in industrial and commercial area due to its features such as durability, affordable, easy to clean, maintain and having good slip resistant.

    The quality of commercial vinyl flooring will depend on how much cost you will spend. You will get what you pay for.

    It is a durable material made up of natural and synthetic polymer materials. You can find it in different places from hotel lobbies to hospital rooms.

    Vinyl flooring is rapidly being more adopted because of its design and variety. To choose the perfect type of flooring for your application, you should consider some factors such as lifetime maintenance cost, design performance and the time period for which you are going to use that flooring.

    Vinyl Flooring comes In Different Forms

    As the name implies, these tiles are in square dimensions not like the planks which are in rectangular form.

    These tiles are made to mimic the look of ceramic or stone tiles which is an ideal solution for those who want the look of ceramic or stone but with the superb underfoot comfort of vinyl flooring.

    Vinyl floorings can replicate the look of wood planks which are rectangular in dimensions. For home or business, it is the most popular choice. There are also some other forms of vinyl flooring in which it comes in market.

    These sheets occur in the roll of 6 to 12 inches wide sheet. It is mostly available in different designs such as ceramic, stone or wood and other designs. This type of flooring is preferred in industries like hospitals or manufacturing plants as there is a need of continuous flooring without any grooves so that it cannot trap dirt or impurities.

    Vinyl tile

    Sometimes you may confuse yourself in selecting tiles for different places of your house. It is very important to select tiles according to the purpose and that location that suits it well. We have recommended some designs colors that might help you to build your dream home.

    If you are choosing tiles for your Car Porch, Balcony or backyard you must go for the darker colors and stone looking tiles would be a great fit.

    Try to use smaller and rough structured tiles for your porch area, smaller tiles tend to be stronger and have ability to withstand heavy vehicle load and these areas have more exposure to sunlight and rain, you should not be worried about maintenance issue.

    For your living room and dining area you should definitely go for bigger and luxurious tiles with polished, semi-polished and matt look, subtle colors should be used for these areas.

    Semi-polished stone tiles will definitely add a fantastic look to your location.

    Resilient large porcelain slabs should be used for counter tops of your kitchen also consider anti-slip surface.
    Cleaning is much easier in large porcelain slabs. In case of Toilets go for larger and polished tiles, it will provide a high-end hotel toilet look.

    Vinyl plank

    Vinyl Planks are used as an alternative to real wood and it looks exactly similar to real woodwork in terms of texture, color and species.

    Another best quality of vinyl planks over wood is that they are water resistant and avoid dampness from seeping through the floor.

    Vinyl planks are highly durable, but be careful while dragging heavy furniture as they may cause denting and scratching. For cleaning purposes, use steam or wet mops with mild cleaners.

    Try to avoid any type of wax or other shiner or polish on planks. Mostly available in white, grey, light and dark wood colors. In comparison to real wood, these planks are much cheaper.

    Vinyl sheet

    Luxury vinyl sheet usually comes in the form of high-end, eco-friendly vinyl rolls. Maintenance and installation are much easier.

    It is usually 6-12 feet long roll extremely robust, reasonable and low maintenance type. Vinyl sheet is best to use in highly damped places like washrooms and kitchens. 

    It can be easily installed on concrete, tile, wood, or old vinyl. Aesthetically beautiful designs with fast, easy installation slip and water resistance property and highly economical, what else you want.

    As compared to tiles, sheet vinyl is easiest and cheapest to manufacture because of its low Vinyl flooring price but worth of vinyl tiles got increasing especially luxury grade, because of its advancement in design and quality.

    Designs In Wood, Marble And Stone

    Vinyl flooring designs are available in many materials such as wood, marble and stones. It depends on your choice that what kind of material you want to choose as it will clearly reflect your personality. From the versatile and elegant designs, you can choose one which is suitable according to your taste and style.

    Like for bedroom, there should be wooden flooring as it will give a nice, warmer vibes to you. For dining rooms, lounges and balconies, there should be stone floor and for the bathrooms, marble vinyl flooring is suitable.

    Luxurious wood vinyl tiles

    Maple, Oak, Ivy, Acacia, Applewood, Beech, Chestnut, Elm, Fruitwood, Hickory, Mahogany, Pine, Teak, Tigerwood and Walnut are some of the outstanding wood vinyl options for your flooring.

    Luxurious stone vinyl tiles

    Variety of popular stone designs is Limestone, Marble, Travertine, Granite, Flagstone, Slate, Cantera, Sandstone and Concrete.

    Special Features For Your Flooring

    Vinyl flooring is a versatile option for the common people due to its cost effectiveness and water resistant nature also it is a foot comfortable. This is available in different colors and types with very easy installation and maintenance. Along with its durability and cost affordable rates, there are some features that might be very beneficial for you. These features are described in detail below:

    Soundproof Vinyl flooring

    There are vinyl flooring available in the market which are soundproof and are best for your house or commercial places. This feature was might be used because you don’t want the sound to disturb you coming from the surroundings, or you don’t want to disturb others when walking on the floor.

    Another reason was that you don’t want the carpeting and also you don’t like the sound of impact when you are walking.

    These vinyl floorings will help you to reduce the sound of surrounding or the sound of your room to go out, thus providing you the complete privacy.

    The other benefits of sound proofing a vinyl floor with a quality underlayment are that you can enjoy many of the impact soundproofing benefits of a carpeted without using any carpet. Also, your floor might last longer because of the quality under layer below it.


    If you are using vinyl flooring, then you don’t have to worry about the scratching, scraping and denting of your floor. It can last for decades with minimum care and maintenance. Otherwise, the simple floor can be tampered by the minimal negligence and it would cost you much more than vinyl flooring for repairing. 

    This vinyl flooring is better because you don’t have to repair it every year and it can last as new for many years.

    Water Resistant

    Just think of your old flooring, which requires every minute cleaning because it is not waterproof.  There is a lot of hustle in the cleaning of these types of simple floors, but Vinyl flooring is best due to its feature waterproof, vinyl flooring can be used anywhere inside or outside the home.

    This is most suggested flooring type in flowing water area like bathroom, ponds, laundries and kitchen

    Aesthetic Variety

    Vinyl flooring is also available in different designs, a range of colors and patterns to suit your home and to match with any decor style. The most popular designs are the one which can simulate natural materials such as timber and natural stone. Faux timber is very popular, which is available in planks, genuine wood floorboards.

    They just look like genuine timber floor when it is laid down on the floor.

    It allows homeowners to make themselves enjoy the natural beauty in their own houses without ruining the risk of it warping and flaking.