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Carpet for Commercial Use

In order to find the right carpet flooring, you’ll have to create a specific criterion and then evaluate all the commercial carpet options you have got based on that particular criteria.

Before you start digging for the right carpet tiles for your commercial or residential area, it is important to have a look at the innovating and trending options you have in the market these days. The choice for the office carpet tiles Singapore should be made to create a great aesthetical appeal with high durability. Besides, the number of visitors visiting the carpet flooring Singapore is also one of the concerns before choosing the office carpet.

How to Select The Right Carpet for Commercial Use?

Choosing the right carpet for your commercial place is a really hectic process than selecting the right carpet supplier for your residential use. Also, considering the budget and the aesthetics for buying a carpet for such a large place, is really a hectic work to do. In order to help you for choosing the best suitable carpet for your organization’s unique requirements, we have provided you with particular guidelines and hacks, which will help you to avoid the most common mistakes people do while purchasing a carpet for their commercial use.

Steps to Choose The Right Carpet Tiles Singapore

For every organization, there are different requirements for carpets tiles in Singapore. All the different organizations require different types of carpets for their use if you have a very high foot traffic area, and most people use that space every day. Then you should definitely need a different carpet which can bear more weight and doesn’t settle down. Also, for the aesthetics of your organization, you want the carpet that continues to look good for many years. For that purpose, you really have to look beyond color, pattern, texture, and design and focus on the quality.

Always consider buying a flooring carpet that will last for years because you don’t want to change your carpet after every one or two years. One-time installation should cost you that amount which you can afford. Because you don’t have enough budget to spend all your money on carpet installation, another advice, purchase those carpets which are easy to clean and maintain, because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on only maintenance.


The best commercial carpet that works for all the business is office flooring. The reason of prominence of the office carpet tiles in the industry is their acoustic properties and brilliant design, which can make your office aesthetically pleasing as commercially appropriate. So, make your office carpet Singapore choice wisely.

Another important thing for considering the right carpet supplier is the size of your room for which you need the commercial carpet. Ensure to analyze the dimensions beforehand as they can impact your overall choice of commercial tile Singapore.

Also, you should know the office area will be used in terms of foot traffic and furniture movement. Private offices and some other rooms might require lower levels of carpet resilience because of their use. At the same time, some other areas like corridors and entrance are the heaviest foot traffic regions.

Retail shops

The process of choosing the carpets for retails and commercial offices is a very hard and difficult challenge to complete because of their heavy traffic. Also, to manage the aesthetic look of your shop, you want a good carpet that will reduce the noise and resilience.

While considering the types of fibers used, the one is natural type fiber, in which Contract coir and Poona are the best options, because they are prepared from natural fibers. They are also very easy to clean and maintain because of their dark and neutral colors, which can hide stains and dirt marks easily. Prep by tretford is also a very good option because it can reduce the noise by up to 35%. It is also available in 50 different shades, which will make your options for designing interior and style endless.

Another type is to consider the synthetic fibers, which basically is made up of Sisal fibers, having a coating of fiber which is very easy to clean and maintain. You are only supposed to clean the marks with a wet cloth, and that’s it. Bolon also has a very wide range of textures and colors. It can be cut into any shape and doesn’t need a binding.


Firstly, you need to make sure of your needs for your hotel. Obviously, you want your carpet to last longer, so if you are planning to change tour carpets of lounge or corridors, you should try Axminister. But if you are selecting the carpet for your rooms of the hotel, you can use a low tufted carpet.

For the lobby of the hotels, those carpets are used, which are easy to clean and maintain because the dirt from the customer’s shoes will stick on your carpet and it will be difficult to clean. In bedrooms, the low-cost tufted carpets can be sued, because of the low foot traffic. Always use the same fiber in the carpeting of the whole room because it will look good and clean. Another benefit is that in case of wrong treatment, if the part of the carpet is torn, then it will be easy to replace that part rather than collecting different small parts.

Why You Should Buy Carpet from Xingfloors in Singapore

Ease Of Maintenance And Cleaning, made Xingfloors carpets made very popular. In many commercial environments such as restaurants, cafes, bars and even schools, hygiene is of paramount importance. Carpets are easy to clean with day to day vacuuming and professional cleaning once half-yearly.

Xingfloors provides Large Variety Of Designs.The designs on one carpet could already be enough to make or break the theme of the environment. With the large variety of designs, be sure to find something to suit your own space!


The commercial carpet flooring industry has different groundbreaking trends to change the overall scenario and location of commercial places. Selection of best commercial floor is not an easy task especially when your requirements are high for flooring choice. Wall to wall carpets are highly used for commercial applications in Singapore due to the many benefits it can bring. The demand is high in Singapore’s various offices as it is one of the most durable material to be used for heavy walking. Not only that, it brings more color and life into the environment!

From all of the flooring options, carpeting is still the best and popular in the market. The main features of carpets are discussed below.

Warmth and comfort

Carpets offer a feeling of warmth with the feeling of comfort of soft cushioning under the foot that no other flooring option can provide. Carpet also gives you the insulation to your home and office carpet Singapore. They are usually cooler in summers and warmer in winters giving the perfect environment for you, and they also distract the echo of sound and noise from the surroundings.

Value of money

As earlier told, that carpeting is the cheapest form from all types of flooring. In today’s trend, there is a gigantic selection of today’s carpet in thousands of styles and colors.

Safety and maintenance

Carpeting is the best possible safest option of protecting your family from a hard type of slippery floors. Most of the carpets are made from Stain block products, making them very easier for the purpose of cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, a good vacuum cleaner and prompt attention to spills are only required to keep your carpet look as good as it was the very first day of its installation.


How can one avail of your carpet service?

First, you need to tell us about the information about the carpet that you need, and then we can tell you the exact price of the carpet.

How long will it take to receive my order of carpet?

It will take nearly 4 to 5 days to deliver your carpet to your house.

Do you provide any warranty?

Yes, we do provide a warranty of 1 year.

Do you provide carpet repair and advice before installing the carpet?

Yes, we do provide the carpet repair and carpet advice for our customers with better satisfaction.

How will I receive the free samples?

You can receive free samples by simply shopping on our website and click an option called “mail me a sample.” The first five samples will be free, and after that, it will cost you $2.50 each.

What is the next step after providing you the information?

After you gave us the required information, the next step is we will tell you the exact price, and if you agree, then we will send a project manager to your place to give you the actual price and the final look of the carpet.

In how many days, the carpet installation will be done?

It will take almost 4 to 5 working days for the complete installation of your carpet.

What information do you require?

First, we need to know about the flooring area of your house? Is there any requirement of removing existing carpets? What time will suit you for the installation of a new carpet? In how many days you want it to complete?